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Activity for teenagers during rainy days?

Going out with the children is a real pleasure! You enjoy the family time together, you make great memories and you build strong relationships. But as children grow up and become teenagers, family outings are not quite the same. They are more interested in their friends. And with school, time with them becomes more scarce.

The most difficult thing now is to keep them distracted when it rains. They often oscillate between smartphone, tablet and video games... Alone.

The goal is to find a solution to keep bored teenagers busy and happy when it rains ⛈ 

You say it's an impossible task? 🕵️ Not for us ! Follow us, we have 6 ideas for activities to do with the family when it rains.




Playing a laser game or bowling.

These activities are classic and yet they hit the spot every time. Offering a laser game or bowling outing is an opportunity to get out of the house while doing an activity as a family, without being outside on a rainy day.

Ideal for rainy days, laser tag and bowling are activities appreciated by teenagers. Between games of light, traps, smoke, hiding places, competition, challenges... Laser games and bowling allow them to let off steam!

Do an escape room at home.

The escape room is an ideal activity for teenagers aged 16 and over to do with the family when it's raining. Get them off their mobile phones and joysticks with an escape room at home

A fun family rainy day activity.

The objective is to solve the various riddles in an attempt to solve the mystery as quickly as possible. Each escape room has a different scenario and the levels of difficulty vary.

The escape room to do at home is often available:

- In paper version, i.e. you receive a mysterious file at home. This is a kit containing all the documents needed to successfully complete the game;

- In a digital version, the game arrives instantly in your mailbox. Here you receive a digital escape room kit to print at home.

Find here all our escape room (medieval escape room, fantastic, supernatural ...) to make this activity at home with the family a real success for all:

Organise a "cooking" activity.

Can your teenager cook? Has he or she never touched a pan in his or her life? Now is the time to rectify this!

Offer to spend an afternoon in the kitchen making a cake for dessert tonight. Or cook several small dishes for dinner or the next day. This activity is perfect to do as a family when it's raining and to spend some quality time together. Away from the screens... 

Laughing, relaxing, cooking together as a family is a good way to spend time with your teenager while having fun!



Creative activities and Do It Yourself.

Do you have a future artist at home?

Offer them an afternoon of creative leisure activities: scrapbooking, drawing, painting, sewing, DIY and construction. There is no shortage of ideas to keep these budding artists busy. 

Creative leisure activities stimulate social life and allow you to spend time together, to talk while making something with your teenager(s). It is also an opportunity to laugh and show them the right techniques and give them advice.

This activity to be done as a family at home becomes a real moment of sharing between you!

Movie afternoon.

This is another activity idea that has been seen over and over again and yet it is great when you choose the movie all together. Sitting down as a family and just taking the time to be with each other!

The idea here is to choose a film that everyone likes: animation, horror, action, adventure, science fiction etc. The film must be approved by everyone!

Make some popcorn, prepare some sweets, a hot chocolate or coffee and the ultimate accessory...The blanket.

A "rainy day" activity as we like it!

PS: Smartphones are not allowed in the cinema... So keep them away from you. This rule applies to all family members.


So now you have some ideas for activities for your teenager(s). Family outings and games are important for relationship building.

To recap, we suggest this activities:

- Go to a laser game or bowling alley;

- Organise an escape room at home with the whole family;

- Take part in a cooking activity;

- Become an artist with a creative hobby or DIY activity;

- Watching a good movie with the family.

And don't forget one essential thing: teenagers need to be independent, to do things for themselves. They prefer to discover things on their own, without outside help. In addition, "adult" activities should be favoured. Adolescents want to be treated as equals, not as babies. As best as you can, try to bring them down to your level, not to be too nurturing. In other words, let them do things for themselves.