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Top 10 most original escape rooms

A lot of escape rooms have been created during the past years. First escape rooms, now discover escape room kits! 

A real revolution in entertainment, you can find them on all themes from the most elaborate to the craziest. Traditional, historical, terrifying or supernatural, there is one for everyone.

Enjoy a game with family, friends or colleagues in one of the most original escape rooms. A bit of fun in a more real than life setting and on the theme of your choice. 

We have chosen to present you the 10 most original escape rooms in the world (excluding kits). 

Try them as soon as possible...

If you need ideas for games to enjoy an evening with friends or family, go to our article to discover our selection. 

most original escape game



This strange theme was conceived and installed in September 2017 by the Lock Busters escape room in Paris. 

The goal? Steal the secret recipe of a great starred Chef. Break into his restaurant to steal this incredible recipe.
A very tasty burglary.

An original and unusual escape room that will immerse you in the tasty atmosphere of a gastronomic restaurant.

Set your cutlery, it's your turn to play!


More than original and unusual, this escape room inspired by the film "50 Shades of Grey" immerses you in an erotic atmosphere never seen before.

With Destination Danger, live an extraordinary adventure in a room perfectly decorated for a BDSM club.

Do you want to jump into the deep end and silence your inhibitions? This Escape Room is certainly the solution.

Reserved for people over 18 years of age, but not recommended for families.


In this escape room, you'll find yourself in an entirely white room.
No furniture, no exit door.
Just a key!

The key is in front of you, but it is inaccessible. There is only one solution: to solve the mystery of the white room.

This very original and crazy concept is proposed by Gozsdu Mission, in Hungary.

So, can you escape the White Mission?


Are you claustrophobic? Then this unusual escape room is not for you.
Why? Because the plot takes place inside a coffin. You heard right! You have been accidentally buried and the goal is to solve the riddles to get out of the coffin alive.
The clock is ticking...

2 players can participate in this game. Each in a coffin.
Who will get out first?

Find this Escape Room in the United States, in Los Angeles called "Deadringers".


"Deja vu" you may say; think again! This escape room will make your brain burn and increase your stress rate.

The scenario is: Escape from the bloodthirsty butcher who has been rampaging through an abandoned slaughterhouse for several weeks. Poor Parisian victims have already paid the price...

Will you be next? Breathtaking scenery and music to get your adrenaline flowing.

Warning: this escape room is not recommended for sensitive persons.

Go to the escape room at One Hour - Voltaire, in Paris.

Want to conduct your own investigation from home? Investigate a a mysterious disappearance? Discover our escape room "Supernatural... Hurry up, your friend is waiting for your help!


For an unbelievably real experience, try this Earthquake Escape Room which immerses you in an End of the World atmosphere.

A simulator will make you experience an earthquake that will seem very real. A multitude of rubble on the scene, you will have to solve the puzzles and follow the clues to get out of this disaster alive.

Get out of this building before another earthquake does even more damage.

You have one hour...

Find this cataclysmic Escape Room in Canada, at Ready Set Go Adventures.


Let's put aside the made-up escape rooms and go for a real-life immersion in the Opéra Garnier. 

The Inside Opéra Escape Room offers a captivating experience by immersing you directly in a real Opera House. Follow the footsteps of the Ghost of the Opera by solving the riddles and following the clues on your way...

This quest took place inside the Opéra Garnier, in Paris, until 12 January 2020.

Another opportunity will certainly come up!



A totally offbeat Escape Room offered once again by One Hour. 

The story takes place in a flat that you don't know. You wake up after partying too much... With a foggy mind and a big headache, you don't remember the night.

You'll have to come to your senses soon because the owners of the flat will be arriving any minute.

The state of the flat is not going to work in your favour...


Enter the world of the sea scum where your objective is to escape from your jail and try to steal the famous lost pirate treasure.

A breathtaking scenery awaits you throughout your adventure. Free your building to pass under the waterfall and reach the pirates' lair. You read that right ! There is a ship, a waterfall and a river in an Escape Room.

Would you like to start this adventure?
Go to Escape Pirate Room in Budapest.


An incredibly immersive Escape Room in the middle of the forest. You have 20 hours to solve the mystery that hangs over this immensity.
A unique version over 2 days and 1 night.

The objective is to find a particularly coveted treasure that has never been discovered until now. A good adventure awaits you!

A strange expedition proposed by Escape Forest located 1 hour from Paris.