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Supernatural - The Best Escape Room At Home by Home Scape Home

Have you already tested the first investigation that Home Scape Home has created? Does the name Supernatural mean anything to you? 

This first escape room at home is set in a supernatural world where creature hunters track down these monsters hiding in the shadows... Your quest will lead you to Elmer. You will have to react quickly if you want to find him alive!


escape game to do at home 


A world of mystery.

Before our fantastic escape room, there was the first game "Supernatural" created by Home Scape Home. This investigation plunges you into a supernatural universe where you will meet strange creatures with the sweet name of Conhortes.

Elmer, one of the oldest and best monster hunters this earth has ever known, has vanished. This seasoned hunter has apparently been kidnapped by these famous Conhortes. The creatures he was hunting finally chased him away...

Use your knowledge and brains to find his trail.

You can also consult the 'Spoiler Alert' page to ask for a little help if you get stuck.


In a scenario that seems to come straight out of a fantasy film, you will meet (rather unpleasant) strange creatures called Conhortes. An escape room evening at home that is sure to be quite eventful...

Elmer, the most gifted monster hunter of his generation, has disappeared. All the evidence points to one obvious suspect : the Conhortes. These strange beasts are not known for being friendly and welcoming...

For many years, Elmer has been studying these creatures that seem to come out of the underworld... He has recorded all his discoveries, his intuitions, his thoughts in a diary that he usually keeps with him. Of course, his famous diary is not written to be read by everyone. His findings are coded, in his own way.

It is your responsibility to find this secret notebook and to understand its keys. Poor Elmer's place of detention is certainly mentioned somewhere. He must have alluded to something in his notes. Don't leave anything to chance and above all, don't let the Conhortes win. If these supernatural creatures win, then the whole world will fall apart. 


supernatural escape game


The characters of the Supernatural investigation.


Elmer is the main protagonist in this story as this quest is to save his life. After all he has done to free the Earth from the horrible creatures that are the Conhortes, Elmer now needs your help. Despite his usual caution, his extensive experience with these monsters and his cleverness, what everyone feared has happened: Elmer has been kidnapped by the Conhortes.

The whole investigation is centred around his disappearance, his coded diary and the lifestyle of the Conhortes. Elmer won't help you much, the Conhortes certainly won't help you... Only his notebook can reveal the truth. 

The Conhortes.

Elmer is a specialist in this field and so are you, since you are a hunter. But Elmer was obsessed with these creatures. His only reason for living was to find a way to destroy them. So he knew far more than you and your other hunters.

Unfortunately, we know too little about these strange and unusual creatures. Only the hunters know about them. The truth about these vicious beasts has never been revealed to the general public to avoid panic...

As a result, it is impossible to describe exactly who they are; how many there are; where they hide; how to get rid of them.

Strange, hidden, unusual, cunning monsters. That's all we know...

Your superior, also a hunter.

Elmer has disappeared and your superior asks for your help to find him. He has Elmer's secret diary, the only thing that will help you find him.

Your superior has high hopes for you, your success is not a possibility, it is an obligation!

You, the players.

Become a real Conhortes hunter!

You have at your disposal the note from your superior and the information. Elmer's encrypted diary has been entrusted to you. View every page, every detail matters!

Elmer was paranoid, so he carefully coded all his findings as he went along. As the good hunter that you are, we know that this coded journal will be a simple formality for you. 

Your mission if you accept it.

  1. Decoding Elmer's notes.
  2. Find out where his supernatural creatures are hiding.
  3. Find the quantity of potion needed to destroy their leader.
  4. Find the word of the incantation to clear the surface of the Earth of these monsters.

Time is running out ! Don't lose another minute!

Playing detective is not for everyone, but we know one thing for sure: You are the best detective for the job!


Number of players🕵‍♀

From 1 to 6 people.

Playing time⏳

1h to 2h without using hints.

It also depends on your experience with this type of game.

Difficulty level🤯

Ages 12 and up

Don't worry, thanks to the hints provided with the games, everyone can do it!

So, are you ready to save your hunter friend Elmer?

Discover now the first investigation of Home Scape Home.

- Supernatural - Will you escape the Beast?  -