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How to throw the best escape room birthday party at home?

Want to organize an original birthday party?
Do you want to escape from the usual activities?

Set the mood differently this year by organizing an escape room at home.

Turn your guests into detectives and solve riddles to find the ultimate solution to these mysterious stories.

For children, teenagers or adults, everyone can play!


escape game birthday party


A room in your house or your entire house can be transformed into an escape room in just a few minutes.

A little decoration to get you in the mood, a few riddles to solve, a touch of mystery, hidden secrets and a good mood!

Plan a home-made escape room wherever you want: in your living room, in your garden or in your neighborhood. Anything is possible with a little imagination.

The traditional birthday party is turned upside down.

Offer an original and fun activity for your child's birthday, your teenager's birthday or your own!


There are several possibilities to organize an escape room at home for a birthday party. 


The escape room kit.

You can opt for the escape room kit where you will receive the riddles to solve directly at home.

The printed escape room.

If you are in a hurry, you can choose the printable escape room.

The scenario and the mystery to be decoded arrive instantly at your home. All you have to do is print it out or play it on your smartphone.

The home-made escape room.

You can also create one from A-Z by using your imagination and your detective spirit!

This point requires creativity to design a good escape room according to your guests: children, teenagers or adults.


To organize an escape room for a birthday party, several things need to be taken into consideration, such as the age of the participants and the location.

Escape room for children.

If it is a party for a child, the escape room must be adapted to the age.

Between an escape room for 6 year olds and an escape room for 12 year olds, the level of difficulty is not the same. The riddles and stories are very different.

The world in which the children evolve is more childlike and light, with costumes and fun games. 

The escape room is very popular with children.

Teenage escape room.

If it is a birthday party for a teenager, the same problem arises.

The riddles in a 14 year old escape room are different from an 18 year old escape room for example. The level of difficulty of the riddles is not the same.

For teenagers, the mysteries get deeper. More terrifying, more disturbing, teenage escape room have complex plots and challenging stories. 

Birthday parties where teenagers spend their time on the console are over!

Adult Escape Room.

If it's a birthday party for an adult (yours perhaps), all kinds of fantasies are possible to set the mood for the evening.

Between mysteries, riddles and secrets, will you manage to solve this story?

A collaboration between detective friends is required to be successful in this challenge.


organize an escape game for a birthday party



The advantage of escape rooms that they can be organized anywhere: in the living room or bedroom, in the cellar or attic, in your garden or in the park.

Escape room: Choose a location.

Depending on the theme of your mystery adventure, choose the most appropriate place.

  • For a horror escape room, a wine cellar or an abandoned house can be perfect.
  • For a magical escape room, why not organise it in the garden or the forest!
  • On the theme of the supernatural, your entire house can be transformed into an escape room.


The advantages of choosing a kit escape room are:

  • Time saving as you don't have to prepare anything;
  • Better quality of games and puzzles

The escape rooms to be printed are adapted to the age of the participants.

When you create an escape room yourself, you cannot be sure of the quality of the riddles: they may be too difficult or too simple.

And that's a guaranteed failure...

The positive points of the escape room to be done at home.

The escape room to print is much cheaper than a classic escape room. Depending on the number of guests, the price can quickly be high.

With a home escape room, you can guarantee a quality activity without spending too much money.

Another important advantage is that the home escape room is quick to set up. 

  • You can order it and receive the kit directly at home in just a few days.
  • You can also print it or even play it on your mobile phone!

Organize your escape room wherever you want, indoors or outdoors.


The time required for an escape room depends on the story, the time allowed and the level of difficulty of the riddle to be solved.

Often, an escape room can take 45 minutes or 2 hours. It depends on the scenario and your speed in solving the mystery.

Shortened games for children.

For a child's birthday party, do not choose an escape room that takes a long time. Choose an escape room that is between 30 and 45 minutes long.

Escape rooms for teenagers and adults.

For teenagers and adults, the games have no time limit. They can take 45 minutes to 2 hours to solve. 

Follow the clues, solve the mystery and your reputation as a detective will be saved!

Organizing a homemade escape room for a birthday party is certainly the most original idea and the most appreciated by the guests.

Good vibes and laughter guaranteed, you can be sure!