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The Dragon Lord: the mystery quest Home Scape Home

Your mission, if you accept it, is to solve this Home Scape Home: Escape Room. It won't be easy, but we have faith in you!

Today, we invite you to explore the fantastic world of great lords and mythical dragons.

The kingdoms are being torn apart and you are the only one who can bring them together. The key to this is to hatch the dragon egg. It is the key to everything. 

A new home escape room with friends and family that takes you back to the Ancient World of myth and magic.


home-made escape game dragon lord


The world of Lord Dragon's Investigation.

The escape room of the Dragon Lord takes you into a fantastic world. On one side, the war between the Nine Empires and, on the other side, the will to reunite them to find peace. The inspiration comes straight from a famous American series featuring royal characters, empires, a dragon and its Lord.😉

This new escape room takes you on a journey across the plains of an ancient map.

With the ultimate mission to hatch the dragon's egg by any means possible, you travel the map from empire to empire to discover the names of the Dragon's Anters and the terms that make up the Word of Power.

All this information has been scattered. You will have to search all the empires that make up the Kingdom.

The empires are vast and can be dangerous, even for a future Dragon Lord. If you get lost on the way, consult the reinforcement scroll which consists of aids and clues on the Spoiler Alert page.


The nine empires are at war and peace seems forever lost... However, His Majesty still has hope of reuniting them. After discovering a dragon's egg, hope seems to be reborn!

The path to peace is a tortuous one, with many obstacles to overcome in order to reunite all the empires and regain peace.

This Home Scape Home investigation will lead you on the trail of the last Dragon Lord. You are the last hope of the Kingdom to bring back peace. But to do so, you must successfully hatch the Dragon Egg and harness its power.

Several obstacles stand in the way of your success.

The first: find the location of the Sacred Mountain where the Dragon Egg can be hatched. This location has been kept secret by the ancient Dragon Lords. However, there are a few indications that can help you find the Sacred Mountain. Some ancient texts speak of Dragon's Hearths, of which there are 4. Your task is to identify these places to find the Sacred Mountain. 

The second: The Dragon Egg can only hatch with the Word of Power. This is a phrase written in an ancient language, the pieces of which have been scattered among the royal families of the nine empires. A few trusted historians have also been taken into confidence. It is to them that you will have to turn to gather the pieces of the Word of Power. 

To help you in this task, precious documents have been recovered. Some belong to the scribes of the nine empires. A map of the kingdoms is also at your disposal to help you orient yourself in this quest.

Time is running out. The kingdom is collapsing. You do not have much time left...

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escape game home scaoe home dragon lord

The characters of the Dragon Lord Escape Room.

Tilsen Berraden

Tilsen is your scribe whose only wish is to guide you through this task. His greatest wish is to see the Kingdom reunited again. Tilsen is working hard to provide you with all the documents you need to succeed in this mission. Your loyal scribe has researched all the documents and scrolls that can help you hatch the dragon's egg. 

Rely on his discoveries! You can trust him!

The Nine Empires.

Nine royal families each rule their own empire. War has been declared and any hope of peace seems over. However, they play a key role in the hatching of the Dragon's egg as each family has a piece of the Word of Power. Be careful, this secret seems to be under good guard... 


According to some information, the last Dragon from Boedor lived on a Sacred Mountain. He rarely showed himself, making only brief appearances according to some inhabitants. 

Many other dragons have lived and flown over the sky of the Nine Empires. Perhaps a clue in these movements can help you find the Sacred Mountain.

You, the players.

As players of this escape room, you become a royal character, close to his scribe. Following the revelations that have been made to you, you set off in search of the Sacred Mountain and the Word of Power, following the clues that your scribe has left along the way. 

The path will not be smooth, but your ambition to reunite the Nine Empires is strong. To regain peace, you must succeed!

Your quest to find peace is this.

Your mission to reunite the Nine Empires and end the war is to find the location of the Sacred Mountain. The dragon's egg can only hatch at the top of the mountain, which is the only possible location. 

Once you have identified the Sacred Mountain, you will need the Word of Power to hatch the dragon egg. Without these ancient words, the egg remains frozen. To do this, you must find the words that constitute the Word of Power. Thanks to the coats of arms of the various royal families, the scribes' notes and the documents provided by Tilsen, your scribe. There are certainly messages hidden there...

Hurry up, time is against you.


Number of players🕵‍♀

From 1 to 6 people.

Playing time⏳

1h to 2h without using hints.

It also depends on your experience with this type of game.

Difficulty level🤯

Ages 12 and up

Don't worry, thanks to the hints provided with the games, everyone can do it!

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