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Blast from the past : Will needs your help!

This Blast from the Past Escape room is not new. It was created a few months ago, but it's a great success!

Hold on to your hats because this investigation might just make you see the world upside down... 

Inspired by the famous Netflix Tv Show "Stranger Things", Blast from the past takes you back a few decades to the madness of the 80's


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The world of “Blast from the past”.

This investigation sends you straight back to the 80's and into the Stranger Things universe that we love so much (for those who have seen and enjoyed the series). However, even if the series has not won your heart, the escape room proposed today is above all composed of a nice plot, various riddles and, above all, it requires a good team spirit!

In this Home Scape Home escape room at home, you will find all the best references to the 80's, from Tetris to Rubik's Cube or even D&D. 

Time is running out to find Will Meyer alive, even after 35 years in the upside down world. Are you ready to solve the case?

A game to play in the evening so you never get bored!


The childhood friend of Will Meyer, the child who vanished 35 years ago in strange circumstances, contacts you. In his hand is Will's childhood notebook.

Inside is a record of all his research, because he was looking for portals to parallel worlds. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Seeing you suspicious, Will's childhood friend starts telling you about some strange things he's been experiencing lately. Things moving, noises coming from nowhere, a voice he recognises... He is absolutely convinced that Will is talking to him from the upside down world.

After listening to his story, you are increasingly confused... Is he right? Could it be that parallel worlds exist? Has Will been stuck all these years? 

It's a reality! This case needs to be handled by a competent person, but Will has encoded his notes... 

Your decoding skills are no secret, which is why Will's friend is calling on you today. Help him get his friend out of this parallel world before it's really too late... It's up to you!


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The characters of “Blast from the past” Investigation.

Will Meyer.

Will vanished 35 years ago. A mysterious and sudden disappearance that has never been answered... Will was absolutely certain that parallel worlds existed and that portals could lead to them. As a spectator of strange phenomena, he recorded everything in his childhood notebook and started to do his own research. Until he didn't come back at all…

Will's childhood friend.

Will's disappearance shook up an entire town and especially his childhood friend. For 35 years, no one has known where Will has gone until now... Strange noises coming from the radio, objects moving by themselves, voices coming from who knows where... Doubt has given way to certainty: Will is trying to send a message from a parallel world. 

Being in possession of Will's encrypted childhood notebook, his friend calls on you and your decoding skills to help him find his friend. Some notes of his own have been added... In the hope of helping you!


You, the players.

After some strange events, Will's childhood friend contacts you for help. Your mission, should you accept it, is to look through Will Meyer's notebook to try to understand what he had discovered.

Every page is important. Perhaps the parallel worlds will give you their secrets and we can get Will back, if it's not too late!

Your mission is of the highest priority.

Will's notebook is in your hands, with all these discoveries. This is not information to be taken lightly... Strange things have been happening and are happening more and more.

It seems that Will is still alive and he needs you more than ever!

Alone, his childhood friend can do nothing! But with you, Will has every chance of getting through this. Don't let him down!



Number of players🕵‍♀

From 1 to 6 people.


Playing time⏳

1h to 2h without using hints.

It also depends on your experience with this type of game.


Difficulty level🤯

Ages 12 and up

Don't worry, thanks to the hints provided with the games, everyone can do it!

- Try to find your friend NOW ! -