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  • Activity for teenagers during rainy days?

    Going out with the kids is a real pleasure! But as children grow into teenagers, family outings are not quite the same.

    The goal is to find an activity for teenagers when it rains to do together.

    Mission impossible you say? 🕵️ Follow us, we have 6 ideas for activities to do as a family when it rains.
  • The Dragon Lord: the mystery quest Home Scape Home

    Your mission, if you accept it, is to solve this Home Scape Home escape room.

    The task will not be easy, but we have faith in you. Peace depends on your success!
  • Escape Room: An activity to do as a couple.

    Would you like a change from the usual couple's activities?
    Why not try an escape room for two ? Yes, we're serious!

    Today, the escape room is the most popular original activity for lovers.

    Get out of your routine and surprise your partner. Take him/her on a life-size escape room. Between riddles and clues, you'll have to be clever to solve these mysteries... As a couple!
  • Supernatural - The Best Escape Room At Home by Home Scape Home

    This first escape room is rooted in a supernatural world where creature hunters hunt down monsters lurking in the shadows...

    Your quest will lead you to Elmer's tracks. You'll have to react quickly if you want to find him alive!
  • How to throw the best escape room birthday party at home?

    Want to organize an original birthday party?
    Do you want to escape from the usual activities?

    Set the mood differently this year by organizing an escape room at home.

    Turn your guests into investigators and solve riddles to find the ultimate solution to these mysterious stories.

    For children, teenagers or adults, everyone can play!

  • Blast from the past : Will needs your help!

    Hold on to your hats because this investigation could well make you see the world upside down...

    The Blast from the past investigation takes you back a few years to the madness of the 80s.

    Ready for this new escape room to be played at home with your family, friends or... alone? Discover the scenario that has been specially designed for you!
  • How to create a home-made escape room?

    For an evening with friends, a family meal or your child's birthday, we think big to please our guests. The most beautiful escape room is invited into your living room or takes over your whole house 🧐

    If the weather is fine, why not organise your escape room outside? Discover our tips for designing an outdoor escape home and enjoying the sunshine! 🌞

    Create a home escape room with our tips!

  • Which game to play at a party?

    A successful party mixes several criteria including the decoration, the quality of the food and, very importantly, the entertainment, which must be original!

    Here are our suggestions for games to have a good evening.

  • Top 10 most original escape rooms

    We have chosen to present you the 10 most original Escape Rooms in the world (excluding kits). 

    Try them as soon as possible...